Face to face sessions* (50 minutes)                       $160.00

Couples sessions (50 minutes)                              $180.00

Online sessions* (50 minutes)                              $130.00

Assessments per hour**                                        $200.00

Report writing (up to 2 pages)                         ***$440.00

Report writing (3 or more pages)                     ***$880.00


* Mental Health Care Plans from your health practitioner will allow you to claim a rebate of $84.80 for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

* Your private health insurance may cover a gap depending on the cover you have.

*  I also offer therapy through the Employee Assistance Program.

* I am WorkCover approved.

* I am an Approved Counsellor for Victim Services.

** Assessments usually take around 3.5 hours to complete, which includes scoring and interpretation.

*** GST inclusive.


Monday     2pm to 6pm

Thursday   9am to 5pm

Friday       9am to 6pm

Saturday   9am to 3pm


Please note that appointments are necessary.

Other times may be available, just give me a call.

Session length is usually 50 minutes.